Functional Med Labs

In 2016 Dr. Zachary designed a lab software analysis tool for her clinic practice at Body Love Cafe in CA. It included about 70 blood markers and compared conventional lab ranges to functional ranges, clinical significance, lifestyle recommendation and supplementation. After almost a thousand uses and with colleagues requesting she make it available for their practices, she expanded the software.

The beta program is being released in Fall to a limited number of practitioners.  The expanded software includes 128 blood lab markers, urinalysis, SIBO breath test, Organic Acids Test, GI MAP stool test, Leaky Gut (histamine, DAO, zonulin, LPS) and DUTCH testing.

This incredible tool allows a staff member to quickly type in results to the software and in mere minutes generate an informative PDF report for both the practitioner and patient. Multiple lab analysis has never been easier!! 

This low cost monthly subscription software will initially be released by invitation only. If you would early access please email Info@the 

Thousands of markers, all the functional ranges, clinical significance and needed supplementation right at your fingertips!

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