In addition to her training course, The Functional Medicine Academy, Dr. Zachary also offers one-on-one coaching sessions, focused on getting you into action as a new practitioner or expanding your practice for the seasoned practitioner. Discuss questions you may have regarding building your practice (ex. how to attract more patients, branding, patient flow, telehealth, marketing, etc) or for case consultation regarding your existing patients (ex. complex SIBO case, recommendations for a child with mood issues, etc). The session is yours to use how you wish.

Dr. Zachary graduated at the top of her class and has completed extensive postgraduate study including all the courses offered through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She teaches classes and offers coaching because what she heard from so many colleagues is that they did not know “how” to put it all into practice even after taking advanced courses. The turning point was when she saw colleagues closing their private practices despite competent training.

Dr. Z’s expertise is in taking complex information and making it understandable and accessible to all – so her goal is to teach you what you need to know to thrive!

Click here to book a session NOW! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for practitioner coaching sessions. You can also call 925-788-6300 or email to schedule a session.

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